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CLOUD APP STORE gives you the chance to promote your business globally. Our application is highly admired just because of its outstanding features. Further, you can promote your business on our application. By using our application you can target the untouched audience for the growth and the promotion of your business. You can place your text messages which you want to convey in the market. Through this medium you can inform people about your upcoming events, products, services or achievements.



People looking for promoting their business online, now can promote by using our android application that is CLOUD APP STORE. You can place your banner on our application related to your business or events or any upcoming products or services. Our application gives you the way to promote the business globally. Before placing your banner you have to contact us, and will give you the specification of the required banners so that you could place your banners as per that specifications.


For promoting business online, you can place your links on our android application. Our application gives the opportunity to the people who are looking for a platform where they can promote their business globally. Anyone can promote their business by simply sending URL in push notifications to the users of our application. They can send the URL about their business, products, advertisement or any kind of offers. But before availing this service, people are require to contact us for getting the permission to promote their business on global platform by using the UI of our application.



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