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How CLOUD APP STORE developed?

Our enormous experience in the filed of ANDROID application development help us in the development of this application. Members in our team has the experience of more than 4 years and more than a dozen paid ANDROID applications are live on play store. Our team works on several stages, firstly we monitor the problems of a common users then we realized and planned to develop an application that can save time and efforts of the users.

How CLOUD APP STORE is best?

First of all CLOUD APP STORE contains the filtered data and is a result of our hard-work that we did since several months. Apart from saving the time and efforts of the users, our application also provides platform for the advertisement. Our application contains banner space where you can advertise about your organizations and business. We received huge appreciation and applaud for our applications as the users who had downloaded our application give awesome reviews which inspire us to develop such fantastic applications in the future.

CLOUD APP STORE - Rich in Features

As already stated, CLOUD APP STORE contains variety of features, normally that can be found missing in most of the android applications. a) Our application is of light weight as it'll not put any load on the devices. b) When it comes to support the devices, then our application is highly compatible. c) CLOUD APP STORE contains only filtered data, which saves the searching efforts of the users along with the time. d) Friendly UI (User Interface), options and menus are very friendly and simple to use.

More About Us

After launching CLOUD APP STORE, we are looking forward to the response of the users, If our application is applauded by the users then it'll be our biggest reward and success. Good reviews will inspire us to develop such fabulous applications as per the requirements of the users. Our team deeply analyze the problems of the common user and will develop ANDROID application accordingly.

CLOUD APP STORE contains a very special opportunity for those who want to promote their business on our application. As we will provide them a fantastic platform where they can promote their business or organizations as per their requirements. All they have to to is to simply putting their banner in our application. This feature is provided by our company for those who are really looking for a platform to advertise their business in order to promote it. So, use this opportunity and promote your business at competitive prices.

RESISTIVE TECHNOSOURCE PVT. LTD. Is blessed with the young and talented team of professionals. We have categorized our men-force in to several departments. We have proficient developers, hardworking graphic designers, experienced testers, seasoned project managers and creative content writers who together form an impeccable group. Together, they work in a team in an efficient and coordinative manner. Each of them know their role very well and perform as per the requirement of the company and the clients.


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